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Solar panels for building facades

Facade solutions

Modern architectural solutions use solid glazing of facades. We propose to turn this huge area into a source of electricity using transparent solar panels. In addition, the technology is used for windows of houses, apartments or offices. Glass with photocells:
• has high heat and sound insulation;
• Passes natural light into the room;
• has a high mechanical strength.

The area of ​​the facades of multi-storey skyscrapers is much larger than the roof area, so the facade solutions have very high potential.

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Buy transparent solar panels in Ukraine

The company "Karbon CNS" offers to buy transparent solar panels for windows and facades at a reasonable price. We will assume all the obligations for the implementation of the project:
• prepare project documentation;
• we will order and deliver the equipment of the proven manufacturers - leaders of the industry;
• install solar panels on the facade, attach auxiliary equipment and start the system in operation;
• we will take care of legalization and connection to the green tariff provided by the Ukrainian legislation.

Before the work starts, we calculate the exact cost of the project and the actual deadline for its completion. The contract specifies detailed warranty obligations for components and work.

Advantages of facades from solar panels

Transparent solar panels on windows and facades, possessing optical and mechanical characteristics of ordinary glass, are able to generate electricity from the most environmentally friendly resource - sunlight. You compensate a significant part of the costs of paying bills for electricity and can even earn by selling surpluses to the state at a favorable green tariff.

Modern innovative design enhances the aesthetic value of your building.