Full construction of solar power plants on the whole territory of Ukraine

We offer full designing and building service of a solar power plant, using the equipment of leading manufacturers. We have a huge experience in implementing projects both on central and on string inverters. Among our cases: the first solar power plant in Ukraine, Rodnikove, the SPS - Perovo - the largest in 2011, the pilot project for the development of solar energy DTEK "Trifanyvka" and many others.

for business Photo Full construction of solar power plants on the whole territory of Ukraine

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Photo Karbon CNS - reliable home solutions
Karbon CNS - reliable home solutions

Solar power plant - an effective way to save money. With the help of solar energy, you can predict the cost of electricity in future. In addition to economic benefits, the use of solar panels does not lead to greenhouse gas emissions or waste generation. The home solar power plant requires minimal maintenance and generates electricity on its own. The service life of the solar panel is up to 25 years.

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Repair and construction firm Karbon CNS - quality comes first

Repair and construction company Karbon CNS provides a full range of services for the design and construction of engineering infrastructure facilities. In the course of the work, specialists place the emphasis on speed, reliability and quality. Besides the construction of telecommunication systems, the Ukrainian engineering construction company carries out:

  1. Road repair (arrangement and construction of fences, road safety fences).
  2. Construction of alternative energy sources (solar power plants).
  3. Electric installation of any complexity (cable laying, installation of transformers).
  4. Construction of civilian facilities within and outside the city, acting as a contractor.

In the team of the Karbon CNS company, there work professionals who have passed the appropriate training. When implementing projects, the employees of the installation and construction company use modern equipment and materials from trusted suppliers which ensures the quality of objects and their long service life.

Alternative energy sources from the construction company Karbon CNS

The construction company services related to design and construction of solar power plants are aimed at corporate clients as well as individuals. With the help of specialists, a project of any complexity will be implemented. If you need to design and build an industrial scale solar power plant, please contact us. The company’s professionals will carry out all the work on a turnkey basis. The main steps are the following:

  1. Calculation of the capacity of a solar power plant for a specific object.
  2. Selection of the necessary equipment from trusted manufacturers.
  3. Calculation of the cost of an alternative energy source.
  4. Purchase and delivery of components to the object.
  5. Installation and commissioning of a solar power plant.

The specialists of the Karbon CNS company construction will complete all the work on time. You will receive an uninterruptible power supply system that requires minimal maintenance. The Karbon CNS company has extensive experience in the construction of industrial solar power plants.

Repair and construction company Karbon CNS: comfortable housing from professionals

Karbon CNS is a construction company, and therefore acts as a contractor with regards to the construction of civilian objects. You can ask our craftsmen for help to get a cozy cottage within the agreed time frame. The house will fully comply with the declared project. If necessary, a civil construction company will supply communications without which comfortable living is impossible. You don’t have to waste time looking for the right specialists. Karbon CNS provides a full range of services.

Thanks to extensive work experience, the use of modern equipment and a clear action plan, you will receive a ready for living facility on time. The company’s specialists responsibly approach the fulfillment of the tasks set, fulfil the requirements, and therefore all the nuances are fixed in the contract.

Reliable construction company: professionals on guard of your comfort

Get acquainted with the activities on a construction company website and ask professionals for help. For communication with managers, phone numbers and email addresses are provided. A feedback form is also included. The consultants will answer all questions and tell you everything about the specifics of the activity. The calculation of the cost of work is carried out on an individual basis since it depends on the type and amount of work.

Our company participated in the construction of the very first in Ukraine SPS "Rodnikove" (7.5 MW), the most large-scale in 2011 in Europe "Perovo" (105 MW).

To implement any project, we use the equipment of leading manufacturers. We offer the construction of solar power stations of any complexity for corporate or private customers. Our goal is to use extremely clean energy sources, economic growth and energy independence of Ukraine.

The invaluable experience of our company helps us in the implementation of any projects. Karbon CNS company - is a team of highly qualified specialists whose main goal is to realize your order at a high level. Working with us brings pleasure and profit. If you want to invest in solar energy, looking for an EPC or general contractor, even if you do not know anything about the possibility of solar panels, Karbon CNS is what you need!

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