Construction of industrial solar power plants under a general contract agreement

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The potential of solar energy in Ukraine is such that industrial solar power plants of high power (10 MW and higher) successfully supply electricity to small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the Ukrainian legislative framework provides for a guaranteed purchase of electricity generated from renewable sources, according to a special "green tariff". If you want to invest in this sphere, then "Karbon CNS" will become your reliable partner.

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"Karbon CNS" provides a full range of services «turnkey"

We select a place with the optimal parameters for placing an industrial solar station of ground or roof type. It is considered:
• natural potential of the site;
• the possibility of connecting a network power plant to the state power system for the subsequent sale of the generated capacity.

We prepare documents for the land for the construction of the facility. In the "Karbon CNS" organized the relevant unit, the experts who thoroughly know all the legal nuances.

We carry out construction work as a general contractor - EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement, Construction):
• We design industrial solar power plants of the given capacity - for today the maximum capacity of the realized project is 115 MW, but this is not the limit.
• We organize procurement and delivery of equipment and materials.
• We mount the equipment and carry out commissioning work - the company received all the permits of the relevant government agencies.

We legitimize the functioning of networked industrial solar stations - we connect them to the regional network and the "green tariff".

We provide full technical support during the operation of the facility.

The cost and terms of each project is individual. They depend on the planned capacity, the volume of our services, the desired equipment and many other factors. We calculate the exact estimate, develop a real timetable for each stage, and in the future strictly fulfill our obligations.

The contract details the guarantee issues.

The advantages of owning a high-capacity industrial power plant

From an economic point of view, the value is represented by:
• Energy independence. The reserve industrial solar station neutralizes the unstable operation of the regional power grid. For remote objects, it can be the only possible source of electricity.
• Low operating costs. Solar energy is an environmentally clean production. There are no expenses for waste disposal, purification of exhaust air or water. Also, there will be no need for storage facilities for the "finished product". The facility is served by 3-5 specialists.
• Long service life of the main equipment. Solar panels are capable to work more than 50 years. Inverters are designed for 25 years.
• The industrial solar power plant is self-supporting for 5-7 years.
• Unsuitable territories are used.

In addition to investment attractiveness, "green energy" enhances the image of your company.

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Солнечная электростанция 50 кВт

Если вас интересует солнечная электростанция 50 кВт, компания Karbon CNS готова предложить свои услуги. Уже на протяжении многих лет мы работаем в сфере создания альтернативных источников энергии.

Солнечная электростанция 100 кВт

Компания Karbon CNS реализовывает солнечные электростанции под ключ. Солнечная электростанция 100 кВт обеспечит электроэнергией самые разные объекты: от автосалонов и торговых центров, до фермерских хозяйств.

Солнечная электростанция 1 МВт

Компания Karbon CNS реализовывает солнечные электростанции с 2011 года. Мы проектируем и создаем проекты “под ключ”, позволяющие полностью отказаться от централизованного энергоснабжения.

Что такое “зеленый” тариф на электроэнергию?

«Зеленая» энергетика – сфера, которой уделяется особое внимание во многих странах. В связи с истощением ископаемых ресурсов, мы ищем альтернативные источники энергии. «Зеленая» энергия в Украине развивается стремительно.