KARBON CNS ᐈ how to buy solar system for home in Ukraine

Solutions for private customers: solar power supply for your home

Solutions for private clients

"Karbon СNS" provides a full range of services for the individual design and installation of solar power plants for the home or giving roof and ground accommodation. Experienced engineers of our company:
• Calculate the capacity of the installation, which will cover the basic needs of the household in electricity. Specialists will take into account the number of compulsory consumers (appliances that should work without interruption), features of the landscape and the solar potential of the region at different times of the year.
• Select the necessary set of solar power station for a summer residence or a house that meets the technical parameters. You will be offered equipment of proven world manufacturers.
• Calculate the total cost of solar power for the house. The detailed estimate includes the costs for the purchase of basic equipment, additional components, installation and commissioning works, connection to the regional electric grid for the sale of surplus electricity generated, and the preparation of permits.
• Help to buy and arrange delivery to the site of all the necessary for the construction of a solar mini power plant.
• Perform a qualified installation and commissioning.

The contract prescribes clear deadlines for completion of works, their cost, guarantee obligations. If necessary, «Karbon CNS» will take care of regular maintenance.

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Kinds of solar power stations for a summer residence or the house

Modern solutions for solar power supply at home are quite affordable and require minimal maintenance. The service life of the solar panel is up to 25 years. The choice of the architecture of the system depends on your wishes and financial possibilities. The main types are:

• self-contained power supply of a solar powered home for DC consumers - a system up to 1 kW, usually used for mobile homes and camping;
• autonomous solar power stations for home with consumers connected to alternating current - a set of solar panels generates a direct current, which first accumulates in the battery, and then converted by the inverter into an alternating current;
• network solar stations integrated into the network of centralized power supply for the sale of surplus capacity generated by the green tariff - Ukrainian legislation provides for the government to purchase electricity from renewable sources of energy, both legal entities and private households.

A solar station for dacha or home is not only an uninterrupted power supply, even if you can not connect to public networks. With the help of solar energy, you can predict the cost of electricity in the years to come. The use of solar panels does not result in greenhouse gas emissions or waste generation.

Selection of a solar power station for a home

Professionals at Karbon CNS company are determining what kind of solar power station might be needed for a home. An individual approach to the characteristics of the facility will help to find an effective solution. It is important to choose the equipment that will be fully satisfactory.

Autonomous solar power stations

A solar electric power plant is an innovative solution which implies that the natural energy of the sun is used for power supply. Alternative energy sources are a good way to reduce electricity costs and support the environmental movement.

Solar power for summer cottages

The Karbon CNS company implements projects in the field of alternative energy sources for various facilities. Power stations for summer cottages is a project that will cover the needs for electricity. It will allow eliminating the overpayment for electricity.

Solar energy for apartments solar energy for apartments

Solar power for apartments will significantly reduce monthly expenses and prove to be a practical purchase.

How to install solar panels for the home?

Використання енергії відновлюваних джерел, включаючи сонце й вітер, є дуже вигідним. Власники будинків із сонячними батареями можуть істотно економити й додатково заробляти, продаючи надлишки енергії державі за «зеленим» тарифом.

Roof power station

The solar roof complements the architecture of your home, turning sunlight into electricity. The energy collected throughout the day is preserved and remains available at any time, which allows the efficient use of resources.

Solar panel

The solar panel is a modern, convenient and affordable technology. We offer equipment from reliable manufacturers and industry leaders. After installation of solar panels our team will provide full service.

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