KARBON CNS ᐈ solar panels prices for your home in Ukraine

Solar panels for home

Solar panel

"Karbon CNS" will not only help to buy a solar battery for a dacha or house, but will provide a full turnkey service in Kiev, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev and other cities throughout Ukraine:

  • We will select the optimal locations for installing solar panels on the target site.
  • We calculate the potential performance of an electrical installation for specific conditions and adapt it as much as possible to the needs of your household.
  • We will prepare a project based on photovoltaic modules and auxiliary equipment of your choice - we have extensive experience working with all the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • We order and deliver the equipment to the facility.
  • We will install solar panels and other components of the autonomous electrical system, after which we will start the installation.
  • If necessary, we will resolve the legal and technical issues of connecting to the public electricity grid for the sale of surplus electrical power at a green tariff.

On the solar panels for the house is given the official manufacturer’s warranty. The contract prescribes warranty obligations for the works performed by «Karbon CNS».

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We will offer the best cost of solar batteries for the house in Ukraine

We directly cooperate with manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, therefore we have a wide choice of solar panels:

  • from single-crystal and polycrystalline silicon;
  • all available sizes;
  • in the classical version and black solar panels with higher efficiency.

Order an autonomous power supply at home based on solar panels from professionals. You will cease to worry about the efficiency of heating, water supply from the well and other important systems in emergency shutdown. In some cases, for example, for cottages in remote areas, this is the cheapest way to get electricity, and with it - the desired comfort.