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Photovoltaic tiles

Photovoltaic tiles

Tiles with solar photocells - economically more advantageous alternative to the classic electricity producing UV panels for roof placement. Photovoltaic modules have sufficient strength and heat insulation parameters, therefore they are used as a full roof covering. You do not need to pay a double price - first for the roof itself, and then for placing the solar panels.

Frameless design in the form of scales of solar tiles is compatible with any architectural style - from rustic or classical, to modern and Hi-Tech. Such a roof is appropriate even on historical buildings of cultural value. In the catalog "SolteQ" several color solutions are presented - anthracite, terracotta, amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire, bernstein.

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Buy solar shingles at a bargain price

"Karbon CNS" will help to buy any model of solar tiles of the world’s leading manufacturers. We will offer the best prices in Ukraine and provide a full guarantee of the manufacturer.
In addition, we provide qualified design and installation services for the construction of roof solar power plants based on such panels.
A photovoltaic roof is a business right above your head. Make a choice in favor of aesthetics, economy and modernity.

Technical characteristics of tiles with photovoltaic cells on the example of the German manufacturer «SolteQ"

Modular design and simple installation

The size of each block is 56x56 cm, weight - 3.3 kg (14 kg per square meter). There is a fast three-point fastening to wooden bearing structures without aluminum substrates.
In addition to solar tiles, you can buy cheaper blocks in the same design, but without photocells - for plots that are not illuminated by the sun in sufficient quantity. The whole roof will look equally stylish.

The efficiency of tiles with solar panels is 36% higher than that of conventional UV modules:

• On the perimeter of the tiles there are no frames completely, therefore, the entire roof area is involved.
• The prismatic glass does not allow the rays of the sun to be reflected back - the panels are suitable for surfaces oriented to the east and west.
• Thermal heating of the roof is also accumulated and used to heat the room and water.

Generation power is 173 W / m.

Your new roof is adapted to integration with additional technologies.

Photovoltaic tiles are resistant to weather phenomena

Tiles withstand heavy rain, storms with heavy wind, mechanical load up to 8500 Pa (weight about 85 kg per square meter). Material - tempered safety glass.
Thanks to Teflon coating and frameless design, dirt and dirt do not accumulate on the surface - during the rain your roof is cleaned by itself.
Estimated service life - 40 years
The degradation of the photovoltaic effect is extremely small:
After 15 years, the efficiency is 90% of the rated power;
in 25 years - 85%;
In 40 years - 80%.
Service life with satisfactory characteristics exceeds 50 years.
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