A check list of laws to reduce environmental pollution

A check list of laws to reduce environmental pollution

The environmental offense will cost 25 thousand dollars in the USA

It’s not enough a handful of enterprising people to save the planet from environmental collapse. We, as conscious and enterprising citizens, have an interest in educational platforms. But to protect the environment in a more effective way, we need legislative measures.

Let’s see how other countries are coping with this problem.


“Crimes against the environment” is the title of the German criminal code. Residents are being punished for water, soil, and air pollution. In spite of the fact that it’s possible to avoid punishment for the thrown cigarette butt, there is no mass street pollution.

Premeditated offenses against nature result in imprisonment of up to 5 years. For negligence, a person will be imprisoned for three years.


If we often receive the speeding tickets email letters, the Belgians receive letters concerning the trash thrown not in the garbage can. For “just didn’t manage to throw it into the garbage can” a person will have to pay 150 euros.

Great Britain.

Experienced Ukrainian drivers in Europe are afraid of the “start-stop” system which cuts the engine at every stop. Remember how many taxi drivers are waiting for passengers with the engine running. The British also use the "start-stop" system to switch off the engine at traffic lights because the violation of "The Clean Air Act” can lead to a fine of 100 pounds.

The French approached the issue with sophistication and forced car drivers to count carbon dioxide emissions. The calculations look like this: if the car emits more than 160 g of carbon dioxide per 1 kilometer, you will pay 2600 euros.

There are also incentives: the owners of cars get 200 euros if their car emits less than 130 g. And owners of electric cars get 5000 euros.

The USA.

Violation of the water and air quality act and the waste act will result in a fine of up to $ 25,000 or imprisonment of up to 1 year. Sometimes the punishments are being combined.

A second offense will double the punishment - 50 thousand dollars or 2 years of imprisonment.


China’s environmental policy is harsh. From 2015, the government can impose unlimited fines from the companies that harm the environment.

Each industrial and social project undergoes an environmental appraisal for compliance with the level of air, water and soil pollution, the impact on nature and cultural objects, the degree of safety and the possibility of recycling or safe waste processing.

It’s not too much to say that the country has automatic monitoring of air and water pollution, noise and vibration.

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