How quickly will the solar power station be payed off for the house?

How quickly will the solar power station be payed off for the house?

Caring for ecology is great. However, the potential owners of private solar power systems are not less worried about whether they will be able to redeem the money invested and how fast it will take place. Let’s count together.
Now the average cost of building a roof or ground power plant for 10 kW costs 9000 $. US Dollars are selected as a unit of account for the reason that the bulk of the equipment is imported, and the hryvnia exchange rate is volatile. This amount includes:

  • Solar panels;
  • Inverter equipment;
  • Two-way electric meter, which takes into account both consumed and supplied electricity to the network;
  • Manufacturing of support structure adapted to your roof or landscape;
  • Design and installation work;
  • Services for connecting to the green tariff;
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    Used equipment is designed for long-term operation for 20 years or more, therefore maintenance costs can be neglected for the first time.

According to the Ukrainian law "On Electricity" in Ukraine, by 2030 there is a favorable "green" tariff, according to which the state is obliged to redeem excess energy from private households. For the society it`s 5,3268 UAH for 1 kW/h. However, only the balance of energy is paid, that is, the positive difference between the returns to the network and the kilowatts used in the billing period.
Photo Как быстро окупится солнечная электростанция для дома?
A ten-kilowatt solar power plant for the home produces about 10,000 kW/h of electricity per year. The average energy consumption of a home where a family of 4-5 people lives is 400 kW/h per month or 4,800 kW/h per year. So in a year you will earn:
 (10,000 - 4800) * 5,3268 = 27,699 UAH.

Of this amount, taxes should be deducted at the rate of 19.5%. Let’s translate the net profit of 22300 USD into US dollars and get 790$ - today’s rate is 28.25 UAH.

However, this is not all profits. As a matter of fact, the use of a solar power plant also covered, that is, we did not pay the bills from it.

The price of electricity consumed in March 2018 is 90 kopecks of doses of 100 kW/h and 1.68 UAH for all that is higher. That is, our 400 kW/h will cost 594 UAH per month or 7128 UAH per year. The dollar equivalent is 252 $.

The payback period is less than 9 years.
Total savings per year is 1044 $. Construction costs will be repaid in about eight and a half years. Then the solar power plant continues to work only in the plus. If we take into account that electricity tariffs for the population are steadily increasing, the real dynamics of payback will be greater.