Mysterious recycling - what can be recycled

Mysterious recycling - what can be recycled

Paper cups are plastic in reality

A conscious approach to garbage consists in a desire for making waste recyclable. For this purpose, the waste is sorted, but it does not solve the problem. So that sorting is not meaningless, it is necessary to know which waste cannot be recycled so that its consumption can be reduced.

There are types of plastic that cannot be recycled.

  • plastic labeled 3 and 7;
  • unmarked plastic;
  • disposable tableware and containers labeled PET. Be careful: PET bottles are recycled;
  • mixed plastic with the “C” prefix on the label;
  • butter and cottage cheese packaging;
  • plastic foil that is luminescent inside;
  • multicomponent packaging such as liquid soap dispensers;
  • mayonnaise and sauces doy packs;
  • disposable plastic plates and cups including paper versions;
  • sausage vacuum packaging and thermo-shrinking film;
  • plastic cutlery;
  • plastic tubes;
  • candy wrappers;
  • tea bags;
  • plastic egg packaging;
  • files for documents;
  • plastic folders;
  • sequins and glitter;
  • artificial Christmas trees;
  • scotch tapes;
  • plastic cards;
  • disposable lighters;
  • wet wipes;
  • sanitary pads, tampons, diapers;
  • cotton buds;
  • toothbrushes;
  • mixed cosmetics packaging;
  • toothpaste, cream and ointment tubes;
  • drug packaging;
  • plastic medical waste.

Glass requires energy-intensive production. Nevertheless, glass can withstand a lot of recycling and thus provides environmental friendliness.

Unprocessable glass:
Glass production is very energy-intensive. But the environmental friendliness of this material lies in its ability to be recycled many times. But still there is glass that cannot be recycled:

  • window;
  • automotive glass;
  • light bulbs;
  • mirrors;
  • crystal, porcelain, ceramics.

Paper products can also be recycled many times. Recycling waste paper saves a huge number of trees, but everything should be approached wisely. The following items are not recyclable:

  • Napkins, paper towels and toilet paper;
  • Dirty paper;
  • Disposable paper dishes and cups as they are covered with microplastic;
  • Dirty paper food packaging;
  • Stickers;
  • Carbon paper;
  • Photographic paper;
  • Parchment;
  • Cigarette gobies;
  • Thermal paper for fax and receipts.

Thermal paper for fax and receipts is covered with a toxic substance Bisphenol A which adversely affects the human body. Therefore, we advise you not to touch the receipts.

Unlike previous materials, metal is recycled with no exceptions, except for dirty metal foil.

Products that cannot be recycled and not included in any of the categories:

  • Gums;
  • Sushi sticks;
  • Wood laminate;
  • Expired medications and cosmetics;
  • The batteries should be subject to safe disposal;
  • Stationery;
  • Plasticine;
  • Paint cans;
  • Condoms;
  • Adhesive plasters.

In order to ensure that sorting is useful rather than taking away resources, be conscious.

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