Ecological problems of Ukraine

Ecological problems of Ukraine

“Ukrainian ecological problems” has bee the laziest word combination recently but the solutions are unknown until now for all of us – from the top tier of our government to the ordinary residents of the country. In 2018, the “anti-rating” of the most polluted Ukrainian cities was performed. Dnipro and Mariupol were at the top of it and other 14 areas face serious ecological challenges.

Air pollution is at the top of the list of the ecological problems of Ukraine. The amount of enterprises’ harmful emissions increases on average by 8% each year. However, the financial administration of implementing the solutions for the main modern ecological problems in the regions is not efficiently used.

The main ecological problems of the environment in your native land:

  • Piped drinking water pollution.
  • Air pollution (in industrial areas, in particular).
  • Destroying land (dark rich soil degradation).
  • The destruction of green vegetation.
  • Contamination of water resources (Black Sea whole, surface water).
  • Dangerous geological works.
  • Enormous household waste.
  • Outdated military installations.
  • Consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

The main relevant problems of the modern regional ecology or, rather its deterioration appear as a result of the huge plants’ refusal to use natural gas. Both enterprises and population started using cheaper but more harmful solid fuel. All the companies that pollute the atmosphere with their industrial outputs are the contributors to the fund of the environmental tax. The latter should outweigh any potential harm resulting from their activity. As has been reported, the range expressed in the Ukrainian hrivnas is approximately ₴4.2B. However, even that amount of money is not a panacea to solve ecological problems of Ukraine. There are several opinions about how to implement solutions that can protect the environment.

When dealing with the important relevant ecological problems, waterlogging by the river Dnipro and salinization of the large territories of the agricultural soils should be mentioned in addition to those points. Negligent use of water resources led to the surface water pollution of the Carpathians – a mountain pearl of Ukraine.

The local ecological problems of our country were born mostly because of the flawed and outdated coal industry. The terricones are usually formed after underground coal mining that leads to permeable soil’s disaster and the progressive deterioration in the quality of groundwater. The ecological problems have always been prior for Ukraine and their new solutions are found every day.

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