Global Cooling

Global Cooling

Academic researchers have been watching the changes in the environment for years already. The climate changes and it’s the indisputable fact. Following global warming, global cooling will come. If the World Ocean ecosystem restructures, the freshwater level in it will be decreased. The streams that move along the equator to the poles will weaken that may stop such warm streams as Gulf Stream completely. Thus, global warming leads to global cooling in the European countries and North America first.

The global warming’s propensity for the global cooling was proved during the analyses of ocean temperatures’ abnormality, the volume of carbon dioxide in the environment, flora, and ice sheet for 10 million years. The scientists claim that the unfavorable changes in the temperature regime has been observed for every 100,000 years.

The main influential factors that cause the changes in climate are natural since they will happen regardless of the world community. However, in conjunction with the anthropogenic factors, humanity will feel the global cooling 2019 to the full. The essential cooling is waiting for us because of the possible Sun transition to the phase of minimal activity. According to the experts, the Ice Age could last for 70 years. That’s why the population should be ready for the cycle of long frosty winters that imply the record low temperatures.

The similar cooling took place in 1645–1715 and we can see it in the pictures of the famous painters. The decrease in solar activity is characterized by the sharp reduction of spots in the Sun. Nowadays, we can see the same trend. The scientists claim that those spots have been almost disappeared for several years. Tons of reasons for such activity exist but there is no accurate explanation until now.

The changes in the climate in our watch is a string evidence. Humanity suffers more from abnormalities and natural disasters. Air flows change, the cyclones and the anticyclones hang over a certain area for a long time.

Good news are that cooling was not so severe is in the famous movie “The Day After Tomorrow” but it will take more than a thousand years. However, the USA feel this phenomenon already. For the last several years, America has been battered by hurricanes, record frosty winters, and snowstorms. Let’s revise the “storm of the century” when New York was beneath two feet of snow.

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