Environmental Problems and Nature Protection in Forest Area

Environmental Problems and Nature Protection in Forest Area

Forest is the main material resource in building, stationery, pharmacy, and medicine for a human. Nowadays, it’s easy to change the flooring for parquetry, request for a receipt at a bank or buy antibiotic at a drugstore. At the core of Global warming problems is the degradation of ecosystems. It’s possible to control the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, quality of ground, and level of groundwater by compensating the number of cut down trees. If the results of the mentioned data are above normal, the West of Ukraine suffers from flood and the East – from desert areas and dry hot wind. The representatives of economic and ecologic sectors have to collaborate to improve the system and control the balance between material and natural needs of mankind.

Human Impact on Flora

The condition of flora depends on how businessmen and poachers earn money. Ukraine was rated as the leading country in illegal logging in 2018. The number of cases is 35 % of the depletion of forest level. Forest sector registers penalties for dead-wood cutting, and the price depends on the location, diameter, and length of a tree.

The importance of forest increases due to the upcoming ecological disaster. The young generation is disturbed by this situation. We must stop using plastic and polyethylene, change wooden materials for recycled products, clean green zones every year, plant trees in parks, forests, and sanitary zones.

Forest provides different values to people. It is business for an entrepreneur, soul for an ecologist, and utility bill for people with personal problems. And all of them care about their health and well-being. A tree behind a window provides shade in summer, releases oxygen, saves from flood, and gives fruits. People have to think well and protect the forest rather than cut it down.

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