Green energy — an alternative source of energy

Green energy — an alternative source of energy

The ozone layer depletion, environmental pollution, climate change have triggered the search for renewable energy sources all over the world. Which of the sources belong to them? Alternative energy is generated from:

  • sunshine;
  • water flows;
  • wind;
  • geothermal heat;
  • biofuel.

To become an energy independent country and improve the environment, it is necessary to develop green energy in Ukraine. For this, the country has all the conditions.

RES — the future of Ukrainian energy

To significantly increase green energy, it is necessary to restructure the existing energy system. This will allow almost completely to receive energy from environmentally sound sources, that is the opinion of professionals. According to forecasts, the green energy of Ukraine will be based primarily on wind energy which took one of the TOP 5 leading places in terms of development as of this year.

However, there are enormous resources for generating energy from plant-based biomass. The production of biofuel from processing such residues as cereals, potatoes, fodder beets and corn is promising in obtaining green energy in Ukraine. It can also be obtained by growing perennial plants that are unpretentious to the climate and soils, that is, Miscanthus or switchgrass. Currently, producers of this type of energy take one of the last places.

The prospects of RES development with the transition to the auction system

Today, in the country there exists a green tariff that is introduced to stimulate the development of alternative energy. Now, the tariff for solar and wind energy in Ukraine is the most advantageous in Europe. The RES of the total production is about 1.8% while the state is paying for it at the level of 9%. Without changing the existing situation, everyone will be affected as the state will not be able to buy energy in full and investors will lose their money.

To improve the situation, in January 2020, Ukraine’s green energy will be transformed into the system of green auctions that will be held twice a year. Projects of any capacity can participate. This will allow the winners of the auction to conclude the clean energy sale contracts for 20 years at the auction price. Also, an additional 10% price premium is given if Ukrainian equipment is used.

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