The most dangerous for health districts of Kiev

The most dangerous for health districts of Kiev

The capital of Ukraine is considered to be one of the most polluted cities: the amount of vehicle emissions are 90 % of all emissions, and the environmentalists mention formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, carbon oxide and nitrogen dioxide in their reports. Among the environmental problems of Kiev can be distinguished:

  • air pollution by transport;
  • industrial pollution;
  • sewage in the reservoirs;
  • unsatisfactory condition of sewers and water pipes;
  • insufficient number of green spaces, parks, and forests;
  • lots of landfills near the city.

All these factors make some districts of the capital unsafe to live in from the medical point of view; therefore the ecology in Kiev today is a thorny issue that draws the attention of the Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, environmental safety agency and residents.

Ecology in districts of Kiev: TOP list of the most polluted areas to live in

According to the conclusions of experts the overall level of air pollution in the capital can be defined as "above average". People, who care about their health and want to move to a clean district, must know where exactly they should live in Kiev. Experts believe that the most polluted areas are those that are located near highways, factories, industrial enterprises, as well as in places of reconstruction and construction.
Environmentally unsafe places to live are Khreschatik, Darnytskyi and Solomenskyi districts, Poznyaki, "Chernigov" metro station and the area of Sevastopol square, Demievskaya, and Darnytskyi.

What are the dangers of living in these areas?

  1. Exhaust gases contain carcinogens-harmful substances that provoke the development of cancer cells.
  2. Formaldehyde is produced from methane and methanol, released by chemical plants, incinerators plants and it is present in huge quantities in the air of many districts of Kiev. This substance may cause allergies, headaches, asthma, and may lead to a sleep disorder.
  3. Sulfur dioxide is another exhaust product. It’s a powerful allergen and carcinogen with a pungent odor that causes breathing and gastrointestinal tract problems.

It’s enough for an adult to live 5 years in one of the above districts of Kiev to undermine the health, and small children are much more sensitive to the environment.

How to cope with the environmental problems of Kiev?

Despite the numbers, people prefer to move closer to the center, not even knowing what dangers can wait for them in a place soaked with harmful compounds and exhaust gases. What can you do for improving your health?

  • choose the most remote district from the center, where there are no factories, landfills and major highways;
  • regularly check the air quality in the apartment and the area where you live and work;
  • wear a mask in ecologically polluted areas following the example of China’s residents.

Ecology in Kiev today is a thorny issue that is the subject of attention of the authorities since the capital is home to almost 3 million Ukrainians, whose health is at risk.

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